“The Quiet Corner” is a place far away from the modern lifestyle where everyone is invited to take a rest and celebrate life. Their food is cooked from scratch and the ingredients are mostly homegrown. However, “The Quiet Corner” is more than a restaurant. It a sustainable ecosystem that includes a hotel and a small spa corner. While the staff is making sure every need of the guests is satisfied, the green roofs, recycling and composting systems are constantly improving “The Quiet Corner”s imprint on Earth.

We are so happy that this business trusted Zaran to redesign their logo and their restaurant menu. We fell in love with the simplicity of the place and the quality it provides to the customer. Therefore, we wanted to show these qualities in their new design. While the old menu was cluttered and busy, the one we created is minimalistic and shows the true soul of “The Quiet Corner”. You can see the before and after below.


Photography & Print


The Quiet Corner | Hotel

What We Did

Graphic Design, Copy, Photography


On this side you can see the cover of their menu/culinary magazine before we did any work on it.


On this side you can see our new more slick & minimalist design that shows the true premium quality of the food they offer.

Psst, take a look inside the magazine.

The magazine contains different designs on the pages to showcase the variety of dishes.