Here, at Zaran, we are passionate about work that makes a positive impact. This is why when we were approached to create a video for a mental health awareness campaign we did not hesitate to say “yes”. Our company’s mission is to leverage the power of motion to share stories that reach the hearts of the public and we believe this is what we contributed to with this project.

We wanted this video to capture all of the feelings and emotions that the main character – a young man visiting a psychologist, experienced. To express his inner state we used sounds and colours that translated his emotional distress. In contrast, we showed the actual environment as soft and comforting. The end result shows how conflicting our inner and outer worlds can be and that if we do not speak up, no one would know the difference.

We co-produced this video with another studio. We worked on the storyboard, organised the casting and covered the overall video and audio post-production process. At the end, the many hours we spent colour correcting were worth it. Take a look at the end result below.


Mental Health Campaign Ad

What We Did

Pre-Production: Storyboard, Casting

Post-Production: Editing, Compositing, Audio Post-production Supervision, Color Corrections