Our work with Be Fit is close to our hearts as they were our agency’s first official client. Be Fit is a family-owned chain of drugstores and an online shop for homoeopathy, natural and medical cosmetics, dietary and organic foods. Our mission is to work with companies that make a positive impact and Be Fit do that by enabling their customers to live a healthy lifestyle.

In the time we worked with Be Fit we helped them raise their brand awareness and sales through a holistic set of our services. We produced live-action and motion graphics videos, implemented and managed their social media strategy and created various brand awareness campaigns. We also managing pay per click Facebook ads.

A favourite moment of working with Be Fit was when we created the “Live in Shape” video, which we produced fully in-house – from casting to editing to sound design. One of our founders – Eleonora was in front of the camera, while the other one – Branimir, was behind it. It was an excellent example of true teamwork! Check the video and examples from the rest of our services below.


Full service


Be Fit | Drugstores

What We Did

Live-Action Video Film, Motion Graphics Animations, Social Media Management

The next two videos showcase two online campaigns we produced. The first one showcasing the different benefits of their online delivery methods. The second one was an explainer video for Be Fit’s 10 year anniversary. 

Lets dive into Instagram!

Starting with the beautiful feed we created that showcased every side of Be Fit from their physical stores to their online store, made their Instagram shoppable, greeted their customers for every holiday that resonated with their mission.

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Here you can see an influencer Instagram campaign provoking hundreds of people to post a photos of green apples (like the logo of Be Fit) in order to win an Instax Mini camera.