My Book Of Inspirations

Karin Okolie is a Bulgarian professional athlete and influencer. This phenomenal work we did with her included revamping Karin’s blog – My Book of Inspirations. We created it using a WordPress theme which is inspired by minimalism and includes bold positioning of images. We did all the heavy lifting such as installing the theme, connecting it to the domain name and making sure each page matched Karin’s needs and desired. While we were at it, Karin was able to focus on the content and what’s truly important, her brand.

Our work together also included several photo sessions, including a collaboration with Sofia Ring Mall. Ellie from Zaran’s team was able to bring out Karin’s personality and brand in each image – bold, fearless and colourful. Check out the end result below.


My Book of Inspirations


Karin Okolie | Professional Athlete 

What We Did

Responsive Web Design, Creative Direction & Photography

Until now, I didn’t trust anyone with my blog. I thought I was the only one to understand myself. I am endlessly happy that I get to work with a person who understands me and sees what I see. We shoot quickly and produce amazing shots. It’s a true pleasure to work with Ellie from Zaran because we learn from each other and we don’t stop growing. The inspiration from the teamwork is apparent when the person in front of you has the ambition to unfold their potential with every upcoming project.

Karin Okolie